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We are an affiliate studio of READY SET DANCE, READY SET TAP, and READY SET BALLET in New Bedford, MA! Ready Set classes are perfectly designed to keep preschoolers stimulated, fit and most importantly, ensure they have lots of fun while developing the 3 C's:


READY SET DANCE is a combo class of JAZZ, HIP-HOP and a whole lot of fun. This gender-neutral curriculum is the coolest dance class for the preschooler of today! They will develop muscle strength, control, and balance and achieve coordination milestones like skipping and sequencing. They will develop a musical ear, explore creativity and promote personal mastery with originally composed songs that have musical cues. They will also have fun using props such as parachutes for being superheroes while balancing your beanbags. These resources support tactile awareness and strengthen fine motor coordination and control.

READY SET BALLET is a magical experience where preschoolers can explore their creativity. The curriculum is designed with original music that teaches the fundamentals and captures the beauty of classical BALLET. They will develop coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility both through visual and auditory instruction. They will explore creativity and gain confidence by going on a pirate adventure or riding the tutu train to storybook lane. They have fun twirling with rainbow ribbons, floating with feathers and popping bubbles. These resources support tactile awareness and strengthen fine motor coordination and control. They learn beautifully themed dances and have musical prompts to support preschooler's playful participation.

READY SET TAP is an engaging curriculum to introduce preschoolers to the world of tap, rhythm and singing! They will learn the fundamentals of TAP in a playful yet structured way. They have fun learning the basics TAP in a creative way by splashing in puddles, riding the train, and shuffling like a penguin. They sing like Twirl and build confidence singing on the microphone. This program allows children to develop a musical ear, dynamics and tempo, while having fun with tapping sticks and shakers. They will learn appropriate themed tap routines that have music prompts to support preschooler's engaged participation.

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